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New Year, New Plans.

January 7, 2019

Three major updates for Dirt Comp in 2019:

- support Shannon's charity efforts

- celebrate an expanding warehouse (February 9th**)

- announce our frame production


TEAM Triumph, Wisconsin

50% of all Dirt Rasta shirt sales will go straight to myTEAM Triumph in support of their mission of inclusion for differently abled athletes in cycling (exp. 08/10/19). This charity effort was spearheaded by Dirt Ambassador Shannon Chapwesk, and he'll be riding at the mTT Wisconsin chapter's 12 Hour of Road America (https://bit.ly/2sfKwMO).


This unique course is the perfect way to include everyone... no cars or intersections, a short and groomed course, and a group of amazing people will make this event a success.

Shannon Chapwesk next to his Farley with Porc'rs.

Shirt is $22, with free shipping! $11 goes directly to Shannon's fundraising page.


Click here for the shirt.


Click here to help fundraise directly.




Ware-Housewarming Party 02/09/19

Come celebrate five years of Dirt Components at our expanded warehouse! 2019 brings new things like Columbus tubed bike frames and aluminum wheels, come check out our prototypes and where we make the magic happen while enjoying beers, sparkling waters, snacks, and veg/non-veg grilled foods.

We'll start with a ride to Walnut from the Dirt HQ (it's down the street!), then finish up with shenanigans in the parking lot. Join in if you're near Austin then!

2:00 PM: Meet at Dirt HQ for the ride to Walnut Creek
2:30 PM: Wheels down to Walnut.
2:30-5:00PM: Riding around and getting it, Walnut Creek Style.
5:30PM: The Dirt festivities at the open house begin.
6:30PM: Start the FOOD and bicycle shenanigans.... (bunny hop comp, slow wheelie, foot down)


We're keeping up with participants on our Facebook Event Page, here: https://bit.ly/2VC65EI


Photo from the Daggers Bike Club Bunny Hops for Hope at Tupp's Brewery in DTX.




Bicycle Frames Announced! ETA April '09.

It's official, we're setting up to bring out some killer rides! On the tails of our aluminum rims coming out in late March, we'll have steel Columbus Cromor tubing builds to match! One frame will be our gravel flat or drop-bar option, the other is our hardtail mountain bike. These completes will have all the features and will be offered as either SRAM NX or SRAM Rival, depending on the bar configuration. Frame sets will also be available on their own, starting at $400 for frame only.

Keep your eyes out, we'll be announcing final geometries, color options and pictures soon.

Nerding out...

Jig setup, working on plans and lots of practice framebuilding.


Now go find some dry trails and go get some Dirt on your bike!


Patrick Reed, President

Dirt Bicycle Components, LLC


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