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A Big Weekend

November 8, 2018

New rims just out, new hubs, new tent, new event flags, a new wheel display... we we're ready for Outerbike. We looked at Moab, it was gorgeous, but we didn't have our rims fully ready to show, yet. But what's this? There's a new Outerbike location?


Bentonville, Arkansas. 


The Ozark Mountains, a sleepy town, a thousand mountain bikers, miles of really, really, really ridiculously good looking trail. Just a mile outside of downtown. One mile. One. Amazing. You haven't been there!? Well ...


So we got there late on a Thursday, set up our tent in the dark and the rain for the festival that starts tomorrow, and started in on the beers and food we brought. Joey and I shared the queen mattress in the Sprinter, propane heater running all night on high, we we're both anxious about the morning.



Friday at Outerbike was the usual inital nonchalance of bike demo'ing, it's not usually our event until everyone comes back for lunch and a beer. Then people want to chill and talk, ask us, "What is Dirt?" They get the smile/smirk from me, "You're standin' on it! Nah, I've been doing this for five years, let me tell you about where we came from..."



And where we've gone. Our new rims on heavy display, with this Slash punctuating the statement that we mean business with our new Rough-Country line. Saturday ramped up hard, with people realizing they had to get there early to ride the bikes they wanted. We reveled in the sight of hundreds of mountain bikers running to tents to grab bikes as we made our coffee and cleaned up after getting to ride before the crowds.


Check out our video of Joey riding his Slash on the Arkansas Coler Trails, Drop the Hammer line:


Watch the video here:  https://youtu.be/B06NqOsgreQ 

All of the trail is groomed so well, you can bring almost anyone with you. Do a little research on the trail system before you roll out, the amazing trail that you want to ride might start somewhere else, but it won't be a long drive/ride to the start.


Here are the bike paths in town to get you where you want to ride BY BIKE:



And here's what you really came here for, the beautifully groomed trails of Northern Arkansas, just get the MTB Project app:



And the Fayetteville and Springdale trails around this area are also amazing, we had to turn down opportunities to rides these gems because making videos and dreams come true is hard work. 



My recommendation to all you riders coming off flat XC riding, go roll everything. Just have fun, but test the trail out conservatively before going on the full attack. There are plenty of table tops and B-lines to get your bearings of what you actually want to do. The clay/dirt was perfect when we rolled through Cease and Desist at Coler, and I think we were some of the first on the new line! Instagram link to the start, with Joey on his Rough-Country wheels:



And an Instagram link to a video of the start of Slaughter Pen featuring Peaches of the Dallas Daggers Bike Club, a trail you can ride from basically downtown:




Tons of fun. The whole city! We ended up eating and drinking at a number of the local spots, I'd recommend the Bentonville Art District, plenty of good breweries and food to be had, and less travelled by the downtowners. Big festivals draw crowds, so chill and get on a waitlist earlier than you're hungry. Hour-long waits are not unusual on a busy weekend, or so said our amazing host at four different restaurants until we met up with some gracious dudes that had some extra space at their table.



Go ride. Develop trails how you want to ride. We're only here so long, work hard on having fun.




"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt." - John Muir

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