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A Labor Day Thank You.

August 31, 2018

"Pride, Chaos and Kegs."

New York was, not so surprisingly, the first state to get a bill into their legislature that recognized the state of the American worker.


The first Labor Day parade was 135 years ago, put together by those who laid the groundwork, created, struggled, innovated... partied. (When was the last time you showed up somewhere with a marching band? If it was recent, I want to meet you.)


At the same time the "safety bicycle" was hitting production. A number of plans for wheel sizes (you think today's wheel size changes are a PITA...) went into production, no international standards to be seen for a number of years. It only took a handful of years to get the wheel sizes pretty much the same for front and back.


It's a reminder, Labor Day, that I don't run a company. I have an outlet, a challenge, new things to learn, a ship to captain. We're all Dirt, all on the same page to create equipment that we want to ride, that we're proud to put out into the world. This is a team. I'm humbled and inspired by the work that my friends have put into this project that my family and I started five years ago. 


That's powerful. 


This one extra day off is just a small reminder that the people involved with Dirt are the only reason it exists. The ones who ambassador for us, the mechanical engineer who designed our first hub axle & bearing interface, the tens of thousands of miles driven/flown by friends for nothing but beer/food/fun... it's so much bigger than me. 


We'll be out riding all weekend, including 09/03, but please enjoy a break on our wheel/gear prices for the Labor Day week. Get up to 40% off on our site and through participating dealers until 11:59 p.m. PST 09/08/2018.


Everyone, thank you.





All text in "quotes" from this site: https://www.dol.gov/general/laborday/history-daze

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