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When the Trail Gets Rough...

July 11, 2018

We've been doing this for over four years now, and loving every minute of it.


And we've kept busy. Every product developed goes through a cycle:


Rim ideation.

Drafting the current tire offerings to the 1/100th mm in CAD software.

Trying out everything currently on the market to find what we consider flaws, asking everyone what they think needs to be changed.

Layup design work.

Conversations on resin content, how much finish, which finish to use.

PU bagging innovation.

Carbon sanding and drilling techniques.

Shipping box designs.

Conversations with our CPA on proper bookkeeping techniques.

All this, among a million of other things we have to tackle on the daily to make sure we have a well-oiled machine to produce the best in products and customer service.


Handling all these pieces, all while traveling to some awesome events, hanging with all the mountain bikers we get to meet, riding new trails and making new friends. There's a reason we work so hard, we're a part of the fabric that holds the MTB world together and we want to strengthen those bonds and make awesome equipment we can be proud of. And we've done just that very recently.



The Porcupine Rim, that came out at the end of 2017, was a solution for those looking for a 27.5" fat wheel for both their 27.5" fatty and their 26" fatty. Based roughly on that design, we're bringing four new rims to life. There are three that we're calling Rough-Country, over-built to take the rougher trail riding, and a 29'er rim built for speed at under 380g.


A quick promotional video for our Rough-Country rims that should be available late July/early August '18:

That's my brother, Eric, putting the decals on, Steve riding for us to film, he's the proud owner of not only three wheel sets, but he's also our second Thumper fat bike wheel set in the wild ever. And of course, me, Patrick, hastily lacing this wheel specifically for this video... (maybe I shouldn't have admitted that?)


With all of the options and features of our current designs at a smaller price tag, we're super excited to round out our rim offerings (get it? round out...). And we had to figure out how to not only shrink our Dirt Hubs from the fat version to a new standard and Boost mountain bike options, but we knew they also needed to gain a ton of engagement. A total of 36 points of engagement for all the new hubs, to be exact. Available in both 28 and 32 hole options, and the set weighing in at under 455g:


Our Dirt XC 29" 29.1mm Rims are actually available now!


There's a short run of the new cross-country rim available, and more on the way. Stupid light and durable, and able to be run either on your mountain bike or for gravel and cyclo-cross, the 24.1mm internal width is meant to optimize the XC and gravel tire profile, to allow for just the right amount of rubber on the Dirt for control in climbing and cornering, while not dragging you down in the descents.


With so many options coming your way, we're sure to have a wheel set that can improve your ride. If you have any suggestions or want to bounce a build idea off of me, I handle everything that comes through the Contact Us link. Let's build something awesome!


Stoked to be a part of this wonderful MTB world. When the trail gets rough... ride Rough-Country.


Patrick Reed, President of Dirt


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