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A Throwback, Our First Blog.

May 30, 2018

When we changed websites a few months ago we lost a lot of the first musings and writings that I had published. This was the good stuff, like really down to earth, and I feel encompasses the real meaning behind the movement.



From October 23rd, 2015, four weeks before our first wheel set was installed on a customer's bike, our friend, Georgetown, TX trail steward, and awesome grandfather, Lee Compton:


"I love doing this.

I can't see myself doing anything else. This is my hobby and my labor of love. Investment banking was never my calling (no offense if you're an investment banker).

How and where did this happen?

In Texas, 2011, I bought a fat bike. I did it to have something ridiculous to ride around everywhere and start conversations with outgoing strangers. This is Texas, I thought. There is no place for fat bikes in Texas, I thought.


I was so wrong.



One day, I jokingly took it off-road. I was hooked. The control, the ability, the lack of going over the bars — and it climbed like mad! I fell in love! I wouldn't shut up about it! When we rode Thumper (the local secret trail that's not so secret, but no one wants to ride it because it's really difficult so it might as well be a secret), that's when I knew that I only needed one bike ever again. It was time to go big and never go back.

So, in March 2014, I got married, broke my leg and started a fat bike components company. Broke the leg at Hotel Vegas during a Spanish punk show three days before tying the knot and a week after filling out the first of many business-type forms for Dirt. Dirt Components came about because I knew I could design something people wanted — I worked with those people 40 hours a day at a bike shop for more than ten years. I knew what they wanted and it wasn't out there. Something easy to use, durable as hell, light as it needs to be and it can't be a million bucks. Well, that pretty much sums up the impossible... how could I resist the challenge?



And thank heavens I'm not alone in this endeavor. Our crew is amazing, all industry veterans and master mechanics, and I couldn't be luckier than to call them friends and colleagues. Without their decades of experience guiding our creative team there would be no way I could have finally designed a product that is functional and beautiful at the same time. Joe, Tadashi, Aaron, Billy and all the rest of you who keep us rolling, thank you for your years of listening to me talk about this, and your invaluable feedback and insight.

Being surrounded by an amazing think-tank of mechanics and designers, an extremely exciting "new" chapter in cycling and a unique approach to solving many problems at once, I feel that we've put our best foot forward with our upcoming launch. May you enjoy our products as much as we do!"

Patrick Reed
CEO of Dirt Bicycle Components, LLC
October 23rd, 2015

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