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A Proudfoot Tradition, and Full Suspension Steel Fat Bikes

April 22, 2018

Dirt Components complements fat bikes well with our world famous carbon Thumper wheel set. But what's an amazing wheel set without an awesome bike to put it on? Still pretty amazing, but kind of a waste of potential.


This blog's a tribute to all the work a certain Golden, Colorado bike manufacturer does for mountain bikes, Proudfoot Cycles. Nestled in the back of the New Terrain Brewery, and conveniently next to Golden Bike Park and North Table Mountain, Proudfoot designs and hand crafts their American-sourced steel tubes into killer full suspension and hardtail mtbs.


Here's Jon Acuff, Proudfoot proprietor, putting his Mechanical Engineering degree and experience in aerospace to work:

 (photo from www.proudfootcycles.com)


To make this:

(Proudfat I got to ride for a month)


And this:

(Proudfat I'm currently riding)


And this:

(A demo Proudfat being well used in their demo fleet in Golden, CO, photo by Proudfoot Cycles)


And this shiny version:

(Photo from proudfootcycles.com from NAHBS)


And this, a shot in the wild in Austin:

(Ridden by Joey, our master wheel builder)


Some close-ups of the goods. This is a full steel, full suspension fat bike, and they have a boost set up and hardtails as well. You can get your own with our wheels spec'd by the team at www.proudfootcycles.com.


Rear triangle and a bold two-tone pairing with the Thumper Industry Nine wheel set:


Headbadge shot, two waterbottle cages on this large, all the under-tube braze-ons to handle dropper cable, rear der cable and rear brake cable:


A solid view of all the welding that goes into this bad-boy. And check out their solution for the pivot point here, a huge headset bearing to handle all the torsion that goes into the back end of a fat bike:


Can't finish off a close-up without both wheels in the picture, afterall... :


Visit our friends at Proudfoot Cycles in Golden, Colorado, start out at www.proudfootcycles.com.



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