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New Bike Day

October 10, 2017

Allison, my wife of 3-1/2 years, loves titanium bikes. Like, a lot. She's been looking for a new titanium mountain bike for a few years now, actually. And it was right under our noses the entire time. I travel a solid amount, and sometimes we share booth spots with bike companies where we really like what they produce and the people that run them. And Chumba USA has a 29" that they've spec'd to be able to rock a 27.5"+ setup, so it can take our new Porcupine Rim! How did we miss that?


We had a bike to put together, and it had to be nice. Like, wife of a dude who runs a bicycle part manufacturing company nice. We started with our best selling Industry Nine Porcupine Wheels, of course (shameless plug). Chumba USA's Stella Titanium medium frame for her, had to check the geometry on their site and compare to a few models she had already owned and had feedback on to make a final decision. Then we called Kevin Wren of Wren Sports for a cockpit and a smooth as glass inverted 110mm Boost fork, unnnghhhh. Slapped some XT all over and the TRP Spyke disc brakes (we're a mechanical family) to finish.


Wait, the finish? It's titanium. You know pink works with titanium, but Allison found the perfect vinyl to do this custom job with Chumba's help:


Love the detail, "Chumba"

Kogel Bearings match perfectly with the RaceFace Cinch.


Clean matte-on-matte action at the valve. Do you prefer the logo or tire information at the valve? I go logo...


The Wren Suspension Fork eats all the little rocks here like they're nothing, 110mm of travel is quite the confidence booster.


Glamour shots of Porcupine Wheels only, all pinked out.


Custom Chumba headbadge & matching bars and fork keep it classy and lightweight.


Hard to see in the photo, Allison's nickname on the side of the top tube, "Ali Monster," in the sparkly vinyl theme.


Called Terrene Tires, these guys once two-day'd studded tires to a bike shop at an event that had frozen over in the woods of Wisconsin, and asked a bike shop bring them to me. If that doesn't scream customer service, what does? Cool thing is their tires are killer, too.

(Excited for their new Cake Eater in October, full studs)


The sliding dropouts from Paragon Machine works make it easy to dial in how you want this bike to handle, and even all the way forward they still had room for a 3" Terrene Tire on our 2" Porc'r Rim.


Ali Monster is stoked, and I'm really pleased with how this bike turned out! New bike day... sorry for the rain, ya'll.



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