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Our Cross-Country/Gravel rim, now in aluminum! We use a hardened 6061 alloy so you can be a weight weenie AND have the durability you're looking for. This 379g 24.1mm internal rim excels at XC, gravel and even CX. And the 3mm offset makes sure this builds strong, with an even spoke length and tension. Add in a micro-hook to keep the tire where you want it, and you've got the perfect rim for your next build.


Don't let your screen fool you, these lazer etched Dirt logos are a light silver/gray.


24.1mm internal, 28.1mm external.


28 holes and disc only.


XC Aluminum 29" 24.1mm Dirt Rim Only

  • 6061+ alloy rim, black anodized with lazer etched Dirt logo in AutoCAD gray.

    24.1mm internal

    28.1mm external

    16.4mm depth

    Tubless, semi-hooked

    Double-walled for durability

    28 holes