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The cross-country 29" wheel set with a pedigree in the rough.

All the weight advantage of our light-weight XC 29'r rim paired up to American made Industry Nine 101 hubs. I9 features an impressive 4-degree engagement and an amazing sound. These can be built Boost only.

The assymetrical design of our rim allows for even tension and length between the drive and non-drive spokes, creating a much stronger build, the perfect pairing for our stringent build quality control process that makes sure you get the best built wheel set on the market from our skilled wheelsmiths.

Wheel set weight as low as 1435g.

XC 29" 24.1mm Carbon Dirt 101 Industry Nine Wheels

Decal Color
Nipple Color
Hub Sizes (Front/Rear)
Driver Type/Disc Type
Hub Color: Black
Spoke Type
  • 29.1mm external

    24.1mm internal

    3mm offset


    4-degree engagement Industry Nine 101 Hubs made in North Carolina

    Finished with Orange Seal rim tape and valves

    Rounded sidewalls for low pressure off-road riding

    Deep channel for easy tire installation and removal

    Double-walled for durability

    28 holes

    6-Bolt or Center-Lock



    DT Competition Spokes, Boost, Shimano, alloy nipples: ~1582g

    DT Revolution Spokes, Boost, SRAM XD: ~1435g



    Compeititon spokes will give an overall strong build that will last and last. So if your trails are always rough, your bike is packed down, you point-and-shoot rather than pick your line, or you're closer to the weight limits right now, we suggest going this route.


    Revolution spokes are incredibly strong for their weight class -- there's a reason we've stuck with DT Swiss for so many years. This build is intended for the best of both worlds, a light weight, wide carbon wheel set that handles the rough stuff. So build with these spokes if you're chasing friends, KOM/QOM/TOM's or podiums. Performance without compromise. Our suggestion is a total combined weight limit of 200lbs for this build.


    We require brass nipples on builds meant for New York for warranty purposes.