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The Porcupine Rim, but with a smaller width and beefed up for rough-country riding. A perfect match for 29"/29"+ mountain bikes, and we'll build it how you like it.

All the weight advantage of our light-weight carbon rims paired up to the world famous Industry Nine hubs made in North Carolina. Enjoy a ridiculous .52-degrees of engagement. These can be built as standard mtb or Boost, center-lock or 6-bolt.

Rough-Country 29" 30.1mm Carbon Hydra Industry Nine Wheels

Decal Color
Nipple Color
Hub Sizes (Front/Rear)
Driver Type/Disc Type
Spoke Type
Hub Color
  • 36.1mm external/30.1mm internal

    29" carbon tubeless rims (2x)

    Industry Nine Hydra hubs

    Finished with Orange Seal rim tape and valves

    Rounded sidewalls for low pressure off-road riding

    Deep channel for easy tire installation and removal

    Double-walled for durability

    28 holes

    6-Bolt or Center-Lock






    Compeititon spokes will give an overall strong build that will last and last. So if your trails are always rough, your bike is packed down, you point-and-shoot rather than pick your line, or you're closer to the weight limits right now, we suggest going this route.


    Revolution spokes are incredibly strong for their weight class -- there's a reason we've stuck with DT Swiss for so many years. This build is intended for the best of both worlds, a light weight, wide carbon wheel set that handles the rough stuff. So build with these spokes if you're chasing friends, KOM/QOM/TOM's or podiums. Performance without compromise. Our suggestion is a total combined weight limit of 200lbs for this build.


    We require brass nipples on builds meant for New York for warranty purposes.