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The perfect do-everything rim. Created to take the big hits, in turn it creates better handling and ride confidence. Lace a set of these up to your favorite hubs and never look back.


Designed as a harder hitting Porcupine rim, meant for wider tires and bigger drops than the rest of the Rough-Country line. Get rowdy with this setup with its over-sized sidewalls and built-up nipple bed, a total layup change with a focus on even lace-up and rider feel. Of course this also sports our easy tubeless tire bead interface that made the Thumper rim such a breeze to make tubeless. 


32 holes and disc only.

Rough-Country 27.5" 36mm Dirt Carbon Rim Only

Decal Color
  • 42mm wide (external) 27.5" carbon tubeless rims (1x)

    Rounded sidewalls for low pressure off-road riding

    Deep channel for easy tire installation and removal

    Double-walled for durability

    32 holes


    We require brass nipples on builds meant for New York.