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Maintenance tips

Wash your bike!

Use mild soap and water, do not pressure wash.

Road Salt PSA:

If road salt can destroy a car, it can destroy your bike equipment! Rinse your wheels in the winter if your bike is exposed to road salt or chemicals.

Do not store near chlorine or other harsh chemical vapors.

Pool chemicals stored near your bicycle can cause corrosion.

Avoid exposure to heat.

Exhaust from your vehicle can cause damage to your rims and other components.

Maintenance videos

Dirt Components V1.0 Fat Bike Hub Maintenance, including end cap and freehub body installation.

Dirt Components Thumper carbon fat bike wheel tubeless setup.

Orange Seal Versavalve Installation on Thumper wheels.

Dirt Components Thumper carbon fat bike wheel rim tape installation.

2019 Dirt Hubs V2.0 and V2.1 explained, with tools for maintenance.