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Joey Skoda

Dirt trail builder, car mechanic, Philadelphian, wheel designer and builder. This is the heart of Dirt right here, if you've got a wheel from Dirt you're riding the best from this dude.

Patrick Reed

We started Dirt with family and friends in 2014 with an exasperated declaration that a mountain bike parts company has to be about family and friends. Real wheels for real people is what I was looking for.



Shannon is probably the most unforgivingly positive person we've had the pleasure to work with over the last few years. A Dirt Ambassador and member of The Bike Haven's Race Team since we opened doors in 2015.

Joe Pappano

New Jersey

Joe brings the party! You'll catch him either riding the sandy trails of Southern New Jersey, on his board riding the waves, or high in the trees with his business Coastal Tree Care.

Heidi Gurov


Heidi is an impressive force, and hilarious. You've probably seen her at the local mountain and cyclocross races, racing pro women and nabbing podiums. If she's not going fast, then she's going sideways in a car, doing all the fun things on the dirt! She got into fat bikes because biking indoors during the winter is dumb.

Anthony Cupaiuolo

AC runs First Tracks Productions out of South Lake Tahoe, California. Skis, boards, helicopter runs, fat bikes, Emmie the trail dog, you should really start following First Tracks on the social medias. You'll see Emmie and our wheels all over, too!

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