Dirt Bicycle Components, LLC -- Austin, Texas -- est. 2014
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"We love riding all types of bikes all over the U.S., so we make what we want to ride. And to have the backing of the mountain bike community to be able to put out great wheels like we have makes us the luckiest bike company in Texas. For 2020, we are focused on growing our ability to support our dealer partners. Thanks again for considering the hottest new products from Dirt Components" - Patrick Reed, Owner & President

Since 2014, Dirt has been building the best mountain bike wheels you can throw a rock at, right here in our Austin facility. Initially, we responded to a need in the fat bike market for a properly made 82mm wide 26" rim, the famous Thumper carbon tubeless fatty you've seen on podiums across the nation. It was when Dirt Components founder, Patrick, couldn't find a proper wheel upgrade for his Pugsley when he fell in love with the niche. It took 18 months to get the one rim to market. The final signed technical drawing and the first wheel laced still hang over his desk.

Dirt no longer offers the Thumper wheel, but have expanded to everything else under the sun. Gravel, cyclocross, cross-country, all-mountain, enduro, in both carbon and aluminum, an expanded hub line — you'll see our catalog explode through-out 2020.

Patrick Reed, Member Manager & Fabricator

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"Don't ask me, Michael's the funny one."

Michael Nguyen, Expert Builder & Sarcasm Slinger

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