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From Patrick Reed.


In 2013, after a building a solid life in the bike scene in Austin, TX, I became tired of constantly buying the same bike over and again, so I bought a school bus yellow Pugsley. You know the exact bike. I rode it everywhere, kind of just to have some fun, ride in the ditches beside road bikers, take it on the metro to start conversations, it caught everyone's eye and it was just fun to ride.

Eventually I got the wild notion to take this 40lbs packed down snow bike with 27tpi tires off road to show some mountain bikers a new trail. This trail is down the street from the house and is notoriously difficult in some sections, I wanted to be able to show them my lines and to make sure they didn't get lost in all the windy, poorly marked and on top of itself singletrack.


With some laughs at the trail head, we start our ride through the cactus and begin to descend on the limestone "baby head" rocks. And this trail hugs the Texas hills, so it's up and down, switchbacks, drops, root drops, creek crossings and steep climb combos, it's treacherous but rewarding. I kept losing these guys. The $6k full suspension mtb sitting at home was being eclipsed by a bike I bought to bar hop, climbing, cornering, descending, just generally out-performing this poor carbon beast.

Okay. So the full suspension bike literally got dusty, the tires got low and pooled sealant to a full latex disc. Didn't care, I was riding my fat bike.

Not without some changes: handlebars, shorter stem, new saddle, trigger shifters. I had some preferences if I was going to ride this all the time. But I was still riding with tubes and the tires that come on it. I was waiting for ANY tires to become available with 120tpi that I could set up tubeless and really turn this bike on. So I grabbed some, and immediately went about setting up the stock rims ghetto tubeless. Sweet, only took an experienced mechanic 2 hours to set up tubeless (allow the sarcasm to seep through the text here). And I lost less than a pound, and probably only due to the tire upgrade. Not what I was looking for, and the tire/wheel combo was miserable to work on.

So now I look for a carbon tubeless solution. I actually bought two different sets of rims, and I either fought to set up these huge tires or I couldn't get the tire back off of the rim when I needed to, among some other pieces that I'll skip here.

I was frustrated! How did we regress so much with fat bikes? How is technology from the 1970's acceptable for this growing market? How hard is it to make this easy?

Dirt Components was born in 2014 when our group started working on a tubeless carbon rim that made sense for a modern market. We bought everything that was in stock, laced, rode, followed what people had to say about it, what they actually wanted, and created our own over an 18-month period. There was no other reason for it, we just wanted a good product, something that finally made sense. And we named our project after that first realization, my first off-road fat bike ride on a trail called Thumper.

Patrick Reed, President



At Dirt, we've taken on the concept of "unshared success is failure" (borrowed from the peace*love*happiness charity in atx). these are some of the groups we work with, support, spend our money and time on, and are so thankful exist.

If you're in the giving mood, click through on the sites below and see how you can be a part of something greater! Volunteers and donations are how we keep our trails maintained, how we can be more inclusive of all demographics in mountain biking, and how we keep our sanity when the trails are just a little too wet to ride (trail work is hard work, but incredibly satisfying).


Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association -- the fat biker's friend. Through donations and event participation, we're humbled to support such an impressive trail system and organization. If you're ever in the Illinois/Wisconsin area... oh yeah.

A well organized Central Texas race series that handles trail maintenance pre-race through its partners and volunteer group. Thank you, TMBRA, for all the work and the opportunities to easily jump in for a trail work day with all the tools and knowledge.


The infamous Pace Bend Race. Love it, have made sure to support the Austin Ridge Riders as they put the time and energy into some of Austin's most loved trails. These trail stewards are working constantly to maintain, educate and ride the best trails in Austin. Great example of stewards that are inclusive and supportive of all demographics in mountain biking. Support them by becoming an ARR Member today!


Amazing. This group does everything they can to get more women confident with their mountain biking skills with a ton of clinics and multiple level group rides. Every MTB organization should fly in and spend a day with this gold standard of a group to see how it's done, we're so lucky to have them out here in ATX. Catch us at some of the events they have to get some custom made RLAG and Dirt swag, they hook it up. The food at their events is really good, too...

Team Trail PARTY.jpg

The best parties take a lot of planning, and Team Trail Party is not afraid to get their hands dirty! This #justsendit based group is putting in the work to grow the enduro trail network in Central Texas with killer trail features, events, youth clinics, pizza, and they've been instrumental in making enduro accessible for all levels of mountain bikers. Fun, fun, fun!

Peace Love and Happiness is a rad Austin, TX charity committed to contributing to a sustainable planet through investing in people, protecting animals and conserving the environment. From support for Mobile Loaves & Fishes in ATX to the creation of Grow Appalachia, JP and Eloise DeJoria have made sure to live their mantra, "Success unshared is failure." You'll see the PLH cycling team at all the TMBRA events!

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How do I make my own wheels?

Contact us, and we'll help make your dreams come true! Want a Rohloff and Sapim Force spokes matched to our 29" XC Rims? Or maybe you just need a new hub laced into your current rims? We'd love to be part of your project.

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Our warranty is better covered in the text in our warranty page, but all Dirt Components products are protected by a 5-year Limited Warranty that requires regular maintenance and inspection by a qualified mechanic. Read our full Warranty Policy HERE.

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We get it, you weren't able to walk into our shop and see our products, and you're trusting us to offer the best products on the market. We want you happy, contact us within 21 days to discuss returns or to handle mistakes in shipping of product. Read our full Return Policy HERE.


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