Porcupine Rim Pre-Release
51mm 27.5 plus carbon beast slayer. Pre-orders start 5/1/2017, rim available June '17.

Larger than life, the brand new Porcupine Rim from Dirt Components is tons of 27.5" plus-sized fun. Designed in Austin, Texas for boost or fat bike spacing, this hard hitting, stiff, and durable 2" wide rim (51mm) will take 2.6-4.0" tires. No hassle tubeless, built bombproof by the best wheel builders in the states for you when you order. 40 color vinyls in stock to choose from, plenty of options for customization.

Stock Photo, feel free to use.

Product Specifications:
Outside width: 2" (51mm)
Inside width: 46mm
Rim weight: 491g
Hole count: 32H
Lace style: 3x
Nipple offset: 2mm
Material: Carbon Fiber
Use: Fat Bike or Plus
Tire width: 2.6" - 4.0"
ERD: 551
Spoke tension: 1200Nm
Spokes: DT Swiss Competition/Revolution
Set weight: 1620g-1800g, depends on build out.
Warranty: 2 years

Pricing is the same as the Thumper Carbon wheel set.
Complete sets:
$1649 with Hope Tech
$1829 with Industry Nine
$1929 with Onyx
Variable pricing for hub spec, DT Swiss is pictured, but no pricing has been developed.
If they make it, we can build it.

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Pro build on existing hubs with new rims starting at: $1299 + shipping (includes DT Swiss Competition spokes, nipples and build labor).

The Porcupine Rim under cat 1 Chumba USA racer Brian Jett at Emma Long trail, an enduro trail just outside of Austin, Texas that's shared with enduro motorcycles. This trail is rough.

Checking the clearance on the Trek.

And we have more than 5mm of clearance! Also, detail of the Porc'r label.

Other options available:

Decal colors:
gloss white, matte white, gloss black, matte black, red, anodized matched red, magenta, blue, light blue, mint, violet, lavender, forest green, light green, yellow, tangerine, sparkly silver, sparkly black, sparkly brown, sparkly gold, sparkly red, sparkly raspberry, sparkly lavender, sparkly dark blue, sparkly cool blue, sparkly teal, sparkly dark green, fluorescent magenta, fluorescent red, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent blue, custom designs in house

Nipple colors:
black, red, silver

Premium nipple colors:
aqua, blue, gold, green, purple, tangerine, pink, sour apple

Spoke colors:
black, silver

Premium spoke colors:
red, white, green

Close-up of the inverted hook and the deep channel that allows for easy tubeless setup, and quick, tool-less tire replacement.

Dirt Components offers the following hub companies as part of our regular builds on all of our rims:
Hope Tech
Industry Nine
DT Swiss

Wheel decal close-up, mounted on the Chumba Rastro. Also, there isn't a Fox 36 on this. Really, there isn't... trust me (more than 5mm of fork and tire clearance achieved, so if there were a Fox 36 on this it'd be just fine).

A close-up, and a reminder to grease your splines.

By Patrick Reed, President of Dirt Components. 4/23/2017
I love my fat bikes. And I've ridden them everywhere fun in the United States, Pisgah National Forest in NC, Captain Ahab in Moab, the infamous Thumper trail in my neighborhood, Birkiebeiner in WI, Crested Butte's nordic and downhill ski trails, Angel Fire in NM, and Apex in beautiful Golden, Colorado, among others that will always be in my heart. I'll always enjoy that grip and control of a 4"+ tire on all of these foreign terrains I've been lucky enough to get to ride over the last three years. But something happened about this time last year while attending the Fruita Fat Tire Festival: I fell in love with a plus bike.

Puppy love, a spring fling, the grass looked greener. This bike wanted to play. And the trails we were riding? 18 Road was tamed, and later on, after moving the party out to Utah, riding Hymasa and Upper Ahab became an exciting revelation that there needs to be more than one type of bike in my stable.

Chumba USA's brand new homegrown Rastro. Made by hand right outside of Austin and close to Pace Bend Park, this wheelie-inspiring huck machine will have you smiling and laughing like a maniac your entire ride. The angles are right, the front suspension is big, the stoke is high. And when you liven this beast up with lightweight, stiff shoes, you've got yourself a shred-monster. XT group of course, call them for other options.

Chumba icon and logo. This bike begs to be ridden hard.

Chumba USA racer Brian Jett launching a few drops at Emma Long Park in Austin, Texas on the Chumba Rastro fitted with the 51mm Porcupine Rim.

Porcupine Rims on the Chumba Rastro at Walnut Creek in Austin, Texas.

Brian Jett of Chumba Cycles checking out the possible drop-in opportunities on this hardtail chuck-monster, the Chumba Rastro with Porc'r wheels on DT Swiss 240S hubs built with DT Swiss Competition spokes.

Cornering action at Emma Long Park, Brian Jett, Chumba Rastro with Dirt Components Porcupine Rims.

Dirt Components Porcupine rims taking a break before they have a go at the BMX Loop at Walnut Creek in Austin, Texas. The "River City" should really be called the "Rock City" as all our trails are made of bedrock and granite. Dirt is a misleading name...

On the Yeti SB5+, checking clearance with 3.0" tires.

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